Digital Publishers Make Money off Your Content

Possessing a premier account on any social media platform is a great way to earn serious cash. The average social media user seems to be oblivious to this fact; the more followers that a user has the more capable they’re able to reach out to corporate brands or advertising companies to apply for sponsorship. Creating your own content and having users follow you because of that content is the easiest, genuine method in gaining those followers. Yet, sometimes you just need to be able to buy active Instagram followers or active Facebook likes. Sometimes this can be against the terms of service of the site but as long as those followers remain active and display no bot like activities or predictable algorithm pattern behaviors there’s a good chance that sit will slide by any monitoring software.

Of course, this is when you have to ask yourself if you’re willing to betray any potential notion of ethics or business morality. When it comes to making money via social media, I personally don’t believe in any ‘ethics’. It’s not taking advantage of people. No, it’s more that you’re taking advantage of the social media platform itself while exploiting the marketing engine that drives the vast majority of popular websites. Every major website is beholden to publishing companies who hook up with a wide variety of advertisers. Even the like of Reddit is owned by one of the world’s largest publishing companies. It’s no different than how magazines or newspapers used to operate except now it’s the end user that helps them generate the content so why arn’t the users getting their own share of the profits? That’s why I don’t believe in the idea of ethics existing for digital social media; make your money however you can because they’re making money off you.