Helping Your Children on a Journey of Discovery

Some kids like dinosaurs. Some are fascinated with outer space stuff. That is our kids. They have telescopes and astronomy gadgets and software. They are budding scientists, and we encourage their discovery. More than that, we participate in their discovery too. We are out late into the evenings on summer weekends looking at stars and planets. We are studying and learning together. We found a great website for information, there are amazing planetary facts found here. I think the kids have more factual data about our solar system in their heads than their science teachers do.

I think it is important for average parents, like us and maybe you too, to encourage scientific discovery and math in their children. If you do not know the stuff, take the time to learn it along with your kids. You do not always have to take on the role of a teacher. You can discover together. Let your kids teach you too. The moments should be engaging and participatory. If you know a lot of stuff, share it in the form of gradual discovery. Ramp it up or down based on how the kids are doing. Ours are getting pretty advanced for their ages for the planetary information.

If your kids like something else besides astronomical sciences, that is okay too. Maybe they like nature or wildlife. Maybe there is an interest in medicine. Maybe their interests are changing now and again. That is okay too. Let them explore and encourage them to explore. Do not expect them to have a career path in grade school. Did you want to be what you are right now when you were a child? If so, you are fortunate. Maybe you never got to be what you wanted to be. Help your children realize their dreams. Give them the foundations they need to pursue the careers they will excel at.