I Have Been Having a Terrific Time Here

Of course this city is incredibly crowded and it is very difficult to get around Singapore. At first I sort of hated it, mostly because it was really lonely for me here. All of my friends are back in Australia and most of them are out on the beach every weekend like I used to be. Right now I have to work through most weekends, but I am a whole lot happier and there is a girl to blame. She is sort of my boss in some ways, a beautiful desi girl with dark eyes and long black hair. Of course it is probably not the wisest move, because her mother is definitely my boss and I do not have to guess what she thinks about this. In fact the mother is likely the reason that I got the foot in the door. One day she came up behind me and caught me staring at something a wiser man would have tried to avoid staring at. She scolded me in front of everyone and told me how quickly she would fire me if I laid one finger upon the girl.

It is all that you really have to do to tell a girl that she can not have something it would seem, because almost instantly this girl took an interest in me. In part I am sure that she wanted to see if I had the guts to risk the wrath of her mother. I thought about that and I figured that it would not really be that big of a deal. The worst thing she could do was to fire me and I would end up going back home with a pretty good pile of money I have saved while I was here. It was not really that big of a risk since I was not happy before.