Working Hard for the Money

I live at the Boulevard 88 in Singapore with my daughter. My daughter wanted me to get her a handheld video game device, but I told her that she wanted one, she had to use her own money to get it. I give her an allowance, but she doesn’t have that much in her money jar. Since my daughter is too young to work a normal job, I made a deal with her. I told her that I would help her raise the money she needed for the device if she could come up with a good way to get the money without begging for it. Her first idea was to sell cookies, so I helped her make a batch to sell to the people at the condos.

My daughter was able to make a decent profit from selling the cookies, but it wasn’t enough for the device, so she had to think of something else to sell. Since eating those cookies probably made people thirsty, she came up with the idea of selling lemonade. Again, I helped her with the lemonade and she put her charms to work on the condo residents. More people bought lemonade than they did cookies, and my daughter was closer to meeting her goal.

To earn the final amount of money that my daughter needed for the device, she decided to make some chocolate candies. I helped her again and she went around to the condos. I would have figured that everyone would have gotten tired of my daughter trying to sell them stuff, but they kept buying it. After finally getting the money she needed, my daughter headed down to the store to get the device that she wanted so badly. There’s was just one thing that she forgot. The device didn’t come with any games, so she needed to start earning money again to buy one.